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Kelly Artieri

Award Winning Author & Illustrator

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She recently won First Place in the 2020 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. Also awarded the Grand Prize of the 2017 TCK Publishing Readers’ Choice, her book not only won top honors overall, but was also voted the winner in the memoir genre. Kelly began journaling after the loss of a beloved pet, she and her family had adopted due to his special needs. Her journals became Vinnie’s story, an award winning memoir. It is not a dog book; it is a powerful memoir with a dog in it.

Two of her Children's Diversity Series that she both wrote and illustrated  published with Elk Lake Publishing, were Purple Butterfly Award winners in 2021 & 2022, and there is  a third book in the series on the way soon. 

Kelly just released a Murder Mystery Short Story Collection titled By the Water  and she is currently working on a highly anticipated psychological drama, Rough Water.  

Artieri’s collaborative effort, Death Among Us, is a Murder Mystery short story anthology with 10 international authors. Four of her stories are featured in the release. She fell in love almost immediately with writing fiction and touts her version of murder mystery with a memoir writer’s hand.


Kelly Artieri is a professional illustrator with degrees in Medical & Scientific Illustration, as well as illustrates children's books and book cover designs freelance and for Elk Lake Publishing.

Living on the south shore of Lake Ontario in the Buffalo, NY area, she is a passionate storyteller about real life and is now  an award winning multi-genre author and illustrator.


Award Winning


Available Now! 

Murder happens.

Not all murders are gory heinous crimes. Some are just passionate reactions to a situation, but it becomes murder just the same. Killing someone isn’t always done by a seasoned criminal. Perfectly sane, responsible people can find themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times.

Everyone has a breaking point, what does it take for murder to happen?

Could it happen to you . . . . by the water?


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Taylor is excited to meet her new puppy until she discovers he is deaf. She must find patience and be creative as she learns to live in his world. 

Together, her family joins a training facility that teaches them how to work with special needs animals. Taylor quickly learns through the kindness and acceptance from the people she meets there, that these dogs are not broken at all. They are special and loved. 

New Release

TCK Publishing is an international publisher specializing in mass market trade book publishing. We publish fiction and non-fiction eBooks, print books and audiobooks in all major genres and niches.

Readers are why we all joined the publishing industry in the first place. They’re why we do what we do: we’re looking to entertain, inform, and connect with readers all over the world. So it only made sense that our book awards program would bring together authors and devoted readers with the 2017 Readers Choice Awards. Nearly 1,200 authors entered their work, and over 35,000 readers worldwide voted on their favorites.

We are pleased to announce that the Grand Prize winner of the 2017 TCK Publishing Readers’ Choice Awards is Kelly Artieri. Her book “A Spot In My Heart” not only won the Grand Prize, but was also voted top in the Memoir Genre Category.

Her book is a personal memoir of life with her deaf Dalmatian. Her casual, friendly style of writing makes it easy to follow as she tells you her heartwarming story.

It’s Vinnie’s story, though, that really steals the show. From hilarious tales of mishaps and trouble-making to heart-wrenching recollections of illness and pain, A Spot in My Heart captivates from the very first page. Peppered with photographs of the adorable pup, Kelly Artieri’s creative and cheerful memoir is a pure joy to read. Her gentle optimism and unconditional love for her family’s “bad puppy” oozes off the page, carrying readers along on her journey of love and acceptance alongside Vinnie the Dalmatian. A Spot in My Heart: Loving a Special Needs Dog is reminiscent of touching tales like Marley & Me, with the sort of pure love and merriment that can only come from a truly wonderful dog.

Kelly is a passionate storyteller about real life; she just tells it like it is. Her writing style makes you feel that she is speaking directly to you as you read through her journeys. She is relatable and honest with her stories. Her humor and wit will have you laughing.  


Great Story! This is a must read for anyone who ever loved a pet. A heartwarming story of love and dedication that will make you both laugh and cry.

Reading this book is like having a heart to heart conversation with the author about the joys and heartaches of dog ownership. My dogs are "normal", but, like people, none are perfect. Communication in any and all forms is essential in all relationships, whether it's dog to dog or people to people. I like books that entertain and teach at the same time; this book is one of the best in that regard. This is Ms. Artieri's first book, but I certainly hope it won't be her last.

Loved this book! What a great story by an amazing storyteller. I felt like the author was speaking to just me and I wrapped myself around the story. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered. The author may be new, but not for long when people start talking about this book. this is a MUST read by all!

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     Diversity Series Children's Books

To Parents who will read, discuss, and share my words and pictures with your children. I believe we can all discuss and encourage diversity, acceptance, and kindness one conversation at a time. 

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In the US today, 397,122 children are living without permanent homes in the foster care system.

Share in Georgie's story as he learns that he is perfect enough to deserve a forever home. 

Collaborative Effort from Hendry Publishing

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Who knew death could be so eclectic?

Relish this mesmerizing murder mystery mash-up of short stories.

The stories come from an international cast of ten 
authors. Their roots, cultures, and life experiences are as diverse as their writing styles.
One thing binds them together: they know how to tell a story. 

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Children's Collaborative Efforts

Custom Gifts

Ink Spot Storybooks are handmade Children’s books.

Each illustration is hand drawn and the pages are laminated & spiral bound.


You can provide the story to be illustrated or just a theme and I will write and illustrate the story for you.


Every book is one of a kind with fun imperfections of  hand drawn work & make beautiful gifts for a special child or mom to be.

I am available for all illustration projects.

In interested please email me for details

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